Rose/Ten 06, H, ☁️


Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: Teen
Summary: Three teenagers observe the Doctor and Rose in an amusement park.

Prompt words: Amusement Park | Blackout | Lipstick

Note: This is written from an oc’s POV, but it’s Ten/Rose. It’s also unbeta’d, so I apologize for all my mistakes and potential Swenglish. ;)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who. I just like to torture the characters and the readers.

Bengt cards a hand through his turquoise mop, eyes drifting over the queue of people waiting to take a ride through The Haunted House of Doom. His mate Farah works here from ten in the morning to ten in the evening, and he and their other mate Jocke hang around most of the day to keep her company. Now and then her boss swings by to snark for a bit, asking them if they don’t have anything better to do than loitering all day. They don’t. Their small town doesn’t have much to offer during the day other than this rickety old amusement park.

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